Empire State Building,NYC

Taken from the top of Empire State BuildingOn June 6,2016 I had a tour go to NYC…I dropped them off around 11am on 5th ave.,they were going shopping for the day then having dinner….I wasn’t picking them back up until 9:30pm!!! Luckily the motor coach company I work for has a parking lot on 9th and 30th st.,so thats where I headed.Many times when I go to New York I will walk around and take a lot of shots….but usually I only have a couple of hours.Today I had 9 hours! So I decided to go for a walk….to the Empire State Building. The line wasn’t to bad waiting to buy tickets, then once inside had to wait in another line, then finally the elevator….up to the 85th floor….once you walk outside to the viewing area, you will be amazed!!

please click on pics to enjoy in larger view

I probably have another 50 more pics that I took from the 85th floor ,but I think these will give you an idea of the view from the Empire State Building.Hope you enjoy!!



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