Paterson Tank arrived….Film is still alive…series 002

Now this isn’t going to be a blog on how to and do nots…as I am far from being an expert….and any info you need just go on you tube or internet as there is by far enough info that you will ever need,(I Did)…but I will be taking you through my journey of shooting film, developing and scanning negatives ….and of course be posting results.If you should have any questions I will do my best to answer them.This is a learning process for me, maybe I can help someone too.My Paterson tank arrived and I got busy…..I already had everything set up and ready to go…….and the results are in……film1I got Images!!!! sorry ,little excited! can’t believe how easy this was and this will save a lot of money doing myself….which will enable me to shoot more! Ok ,now its drying time in a few hours ill attempt some scans….Film is still alive!


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