Photoassignment #1…..Variations

About a month and a half ago I started following Ted Forbes,The Art of Photography,on you-tube…..Great show BTW…..and he is starting something called #photoassignments.One thing he wants you to do is get a scrapbook, have the pictures printed, glue in scrapbook, then you can basically see what they look like in print, and you can refer back to this to see things you could have done better, make notes also.Now the 1st assignment is called variations….he wants you to find a subject, take 10 different pictures of it.So with today being a nice day, why waste it indoors….I took a ride down the road to a gazebo thats in the park.(and btw I had a few people come up to me and ask what I was doing,I explained the whole thing to them, and also told them about the Art of Photography,did I mention its a great show?)So here are the results I came up with…….

 I did edit one to black and white….but you can see a lot of mistakes I made in some,composition,to dark, cut somethings off.Thats what the scrapbook is for to make notes, and refer back to this to learn. I may try and go find another subject and do another one.@tedforbes this is a great idea!!!! Looking forward for the next assignment.The Art of Photography


4 thoughts on “Photoassignment #1…..Variations

  1. Good stuff. I’m also watching Ted and intending to do the assignments, I’m way behind though and need to get on with it. Well done on completing the first one.

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