1 : 52 rolls

So I decided that I would take on a project for 2017,shoot 1 roll of film ,52 weeks of the year.Now,I just began shooting film at the end of last year, also developing and scanning my own, too. {I did shoot film way back in the late 80s early 90s} but eventually went to digital. So last year I picked up a NikonFM 35 mm, and it seems I just can not put it down ! And with developing my own and scanning also,I thought this would be a great project to take on. So here is roll #1, shot with IlfordHP5 400.There was very little editing done on some ( mostly getting dust spots off in photoshop) but most are right from the camera.My job took me to Atlantic City,New Jersey this past few days, so what better place to start the project……


And with the first snow this year I took the next few back home……..

I am kinda pleased at the first roll and how they came out.What I like about shooting film, and i’m sure you have heard this already, but it does make you slow down, think about composition more, think about lighting more.I still shoot digital, but right now  I am loving this 35 mm film, also. Oh,did you notice Black & White photos? I am obsessed with B&W,….. Hopefully this year I’m hoping to pick up a medium format camera,amd start shooting some 120 film.Well thats it for roll 1,week 1, hopefully you come back and check out roll 2,I’m looking forward to it, cya!


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