New York City….

So today my job took me to the big apple….I packed my gear with hope of shooting a lot of pics…. not only is driving a car around New York City a nightmare… can you imagine a motor coach?!  I had every intention of dropping off the group, and then pull over and do some shooting… well that didn’t happen , it was so busy by the time I dropped them.. there was no where to park… I basically dropped and rode around, pick them up , drop somewhere else, rode around…. you get the picture? But there was one area they were goin to today that I have never seen… and it was one place I really wanted to get a lot of shots…corner of 5th and 23rd…. the flatiron building!!  I’ve seen so many pics of it… it was amazing to see… so when I dropped them off again…. I pulled over and clicked with my iPhone…. lol. I guess another time it will have to be. 


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