Penn University…..

This past weekend I was able to spend it at the University of Penn,I took the Brown fencing team there from Rhode Island….it was a big tournament,I guess thats what you call it as I know absolutely nothing about fencing…Yale,Havard,Penn,Cornell,Columbia were just a few of the teams there.Brown didn’t do so well, but on saturday it was sunny and 50 degrees,(we left Rhode Island on friday which just had received a blizzard from mother nature so this was a big treat) I had my Nikon D7100 and my Bronica with me.So I figured I would start the day with the digital, which is something I haven’t used in a while (I’ve been so into film lately).I guess if you look at most of my work, you will see that I’m drawn into architecture.And walking around I stumbled into a building thats called “The Quad”.I could not believe my eyes.dsc_2569Penn’s first dormitory building “the Quad”,is one of the University’s most iconic structures, lending beauty and charm to the west end of campus.The Quad’s main structure was built between 1894 and 1929,in a late Tudor Gothic style designed by the Philadelphia firm Cope and Stewardson,headed by two faculty members at Penn.

Walter Cope and John Stewardson,who taught in the architecture department, chose to model the Quad after buildings at Oxford and Cambridge universities in England,using similar red brick and limestone.Each of the rooms was finished in dark Quartered oak, and many featured window seats and fireplaces.dsc_2571The Memorial Tower(above) at the entrance to the Quad was dedicated in 1901 to the memory of alumni who died in the Spanish-American War.

Today,the Tower joins the Ware and Fisher Hassenfeld College Houses,with some Fisher Hassenfeld student rooms located inside the Tower.Also the two college houses share the use of the fifth floor”Top of the Tower Lounge”,which includes a kitchen, ping-pong tables, and a large-screen television.   If you would like more info on ‘The Quad” there are many links on-line. Being there was quite breathtaking….standing in front of Memorial Tower,this building stretched from 36th to 38th street, and Spruce street to Hamilton Walk. After I finished this walk,I went back and got my Bronice and shot some film of more of the University,which you will see on my 52 rolls blog, Thanks for looking!


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