8 / 52 rolls.net……NYC

52 rolls

Week 8 Roll 8 took me to NYC. My job was at the Javits Convention Center,shuttling to Hotels.Usually I will bring my bag of stuff (Nikon digital,Bronica film) but Ive worked the Javits before so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of time,so I just brought my NikonFM …and one roll of Ilford HP5.On one of my breaks I took a walk to the High Line. I recommend if you go to NYC make sure you spend some time there, great views.

Another day I had time to walk around……….

the next ones are my favorites……the architecture, and sneaking up behind this person taking a photo with his phone……

My next job I am leaving for 9 days to Mrytle Beach….Johnson and wales baseball team….they go there every year, so I will probably be combining rolls 9 and 10 ,I will be shooting plenty on this trip, thanks for…

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