11 / 52 , with a Ricoh 500

52 rolls

I said that was going to be it for cameras for awhile, just focus on what I have……..could I have a problem? I looked at craigslist and this camera was just posted,I emailed him and picked it up …$50….Ricoh 500 rangefinder, with telephoto lens and wide angle lens.Now the telephoto and wide angle lens are the type you just screw on the front of the main lens, then you focus ,check the distance, then look at lens you have on and set the settings accordingly.Now I live in northeast and we had a snowstorm today, but I had to try this camera so I took some pics from the window, then I took a ride and took some from the car….I just had to see what this camera was gonna do……….img215img216img217img218img222img219img220img221img212img211img210img209img208I was a little surprised how they came out, what a cool little camera.

These last 2 I tried…

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3 thoughts on “11 / 52 , with a Ricoh 500

  1. Very nice. I have two of these I bought spares or repair waiting for me to get around to making one of them working. How did you get on with the winder?

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