13 / 52 rolls……

52 rolls

In week 13 I wanted to do some shooting ,but I wanted to use the westin master 2 lightmeter for the whole roll.Ive been bouncing around using different meters,so I figured lets stick to one.I also recorded all my settings for each shot……

In this set above, the one and look I wanted came from the reading off the nikon fm……….(3rd pic) seems like the readings I was getting from the westin was over exposed …….The next 5 below seemed to be a little better,the streaks in the 3rd pic was caused from when I wound the roll on the developing spool……….

Then I thought I would try some night time shots……

Thats it for week 13….hopefully the weather gets better ,getting lots of rain here….Of course these were shot with the Bronica ETRSi,and my fav Ilford HP5…..next week I have a roll of Arista ED ultra 400 to try…

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