24 / 52 weeks……

52 rolls

Because of my job I have fallen a little behind on posting, somehow I will catch up. This week was the first time I shot in about 2 weeks. I had a group at the Botanical Gardens,Bronx New York. I was able to do  a little walking around……..

I spent a lot of time in the Rock garden….

These last 2 are the same shot but I just had picked up a Softar II filter and had been wanting to try it…

I like the one with the filter….more experimenting with it soon. Thats all I have this week, felt good to do some shooting,I think that was the longest I’ve gone without shooting in awhile. As always, Hasselblad 500cm……..neopan acros100 ……thanks for looking,Peace

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20,21,22…52 rolls

52 rolls

I’ve been away for 2 weeks with my job and it had me from Berkshires in Massachusetts to Hartford,Conn.to New York City to Philadelphia to Baltimore and finally ending in Washington D.C. Just wish I was able to shoot more, managed to shoot 3 rolls…the start of week 20 was at home ,a walk at Rocky Point in Warwick,RI. The clouds were special that day……

To finish off week 20 and start week 21 I was at Yale University,New Haven Conn……..

And to finish, week 22 had me at the Philadelphia Art Museum,yes the stairs that Rocky climbed…..and for the first time I was able to do what i’ve always wanted to do…..climb to the top of the stairs. (BTW,the stairs look higher in the movie)…….

When I got to the top there was a vending truck,I ordered a burger…LOL….Did Rocky do that? Thanks for looking, till next week, happy…

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18 / 52 rolls…….

52 rolls

Week 18 took me to a place in Rhode Island called ..Goddard Park. Its a pretty big place, has a golf course…places to picnic (if the weather ever gets better) a beach and even has a carousel, that wasn’t open yet either, but once in awhile i like to walk around here.

First 2 are my favorites….Next two from Providence…

Hasselblad 500 cm,Kodak tri-x 400……never disappoints. Next week Fujifilm NEOPAN ACROS 100,till then, thanks for looking, peace.

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17/52 rolls….

52 rolls

This week took me back to D.C. and finally one time I get to leave my office{motor coach,lol} and it was at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.This week I wanted to try a roll of Fomapan100.What a beautiful church…..check it out….Basilica3Basilica7Basilica6Basilica5Basilica4Basilica8Basilica1Basilica2Now these were shot with my new toy…Hasselblad 500c/m…tell me, will any film not come out of this camera good? I mean I like these…still love ilfordHP5,but fomapan not bad….img295

gibbonshall Gibbons Hall

img300Maybe the Highlights aren’t as good because there were clouds in the sky and not showing as it would with HP5. Also looking for some filters for the Hasselblad next, not easy to find, any ideas? next week ,Kodak 400tx…….until then, peace. Thanks for looking!

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