What I do….

img_2517 I am a motor coach driver/photographer…My job takes me all over the northeast, which I am able to photograph many sites and places I visit..How lucky can I be to have a job where I travel and able to do what I love most…Photography…I do not intend to know everything about photography or be some magical Guru on photography,But it has become an obsession to me…..I love it and I also love reading about it….so now I will share some of my findings in hope I can help someone else maybe understand about photography….And my favorite is Black and White photography, or Monochrome,which ever you prefer to call it,I also will be posting blogs on that subject also,So if you like ,follow me along on my journey and “see what eye see through my lens.”If you are interested in seeing more of my photography..click on this link at0056.myportfolio.comThank you so much for looking and hope you enjoy the future Blogs.